Hadrat Anas R.A narrates that Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam is reported to have said, “The son of Adam will be brought on the day of Qiyaamah as though he is the baby of a goat. He will then be made to stand before Allah Ta'ala. Allah Ta'ala will then say, “I had granted you life, I granted you slaves and wealth, I had favoured you (by blessing you with a Kitaab (heavenly scripture) and sending my Rasul for your guidance), so what work have you done?”

The person will reply, “O my Rabb, I had gathered wealth and increased it through business and over and left it more than what it was. Return me to the world so that I may bring the wealth to you (i.e. I will go to the world and spend the wealth in charity).” Allah Ta'ala will then say, “Show me the wealth that you have sent forth for the Aakhirat.” He will reply, “O Allah! I had gathered wealth, and increased it to the extent that it is more than what it was, but left it behind in the world. Send me to the world so that I bring all the wealth to you.” Finally he will be (in the category) of such a servant who had not stored anything for the Aakhirat and will be taken towards Jahannam.

Commentary:-   From this we understand that the true bounties are actually those things that are the means of the success in the hereafter. That bounty that is used incorrectly and thereby destroys our Aakhirat, even though it is a bounty of Allah Ta'ala, it is not a bounty for the person that is involved in evil. It is incorrect to regard it as a bounty (for such a person).  


Reference: Dunya Ki Haqeeqat

Moulana Moosa Kajee

Moulana Ridhwan Kajee

Moulana Imraan Kajee

Mufti Abdullah Moolla

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